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The last few weeks here at Carmel Lodge have been fruitful. Despite the chilly weather we have kept ourselves warm and busy. Our keep fit instructor Andy has been in to put everyone through their paces. His class is an hour long yet is very manageable for our residents enabling them to exercise from the comfort of their armchairs using a variety of equipment to aid them.

We have also had a very special visit from Rusty the donkey from Manchester Donkey sanctuary this is always a hit with both staff and residents alike.

Our residents are also working towards performing in a poetry recital. Some have chosen a poem to recite and we are currently working towards putting on a recital for the rest of the residents.

In the art classes we are also working towards producing a gallery wall to showcase what our residents do in their weekly art classes.

We have also introduced an armchair ballet class using the music and simplified syllabus from The Royal Academy of Dance primary examination class. Even some of the male residents have partaken in the class with the gusto of budding Nureyev’s.

Our writing group have been focusing on the topic of ‘romance’ just in time for valentines day! A decorated tree with hearts and quotes all about love can be seen in the conservatory.

We have also been enjoying all of our usual activities, including pamper sessions, board games, quizzes, sing-a-longs and music appreciation.

We are now looking forward to seeing in the spring and being able to enjoy the outdoors once more!