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Steve brewed up endless cups of tea and coffee to popular approval. Tots of rum will also feature on our next trip which is a 4 hours cruise.

“All in a days work”

One main advantage of the bad weather was that we could all have a good social gathering in the cabin, with much laughter, chat and social interaction particularly, as residents from all three homes were present. One resident, an ex teacher and Cambridge Graduate, said she was so happy to be present, restoring her energy after providing her grandson with private tuition for his forthcoming exams!

Another resident, an ex nurse kept us all amused and amazed by her graphic descriptions of the fate of a cheese sandwich in the digestive system!! A past president of the National Council of Women local group also a previous professional sprano, was very eloquent with a speech thanking matron and staff and her crew for a splendid time.


A sumptuous picnic was enjoyed by all, but a few residents ‘spluttered tea’ when “who shall be nameless” used to ‘black and whie’ on mortgage application forms, but not the same colours as birds plumage, was advised by Matron, with a knowing tilt of her head, “No, thats not a magpie, thats a plover”!! ooops. A good time had by all!