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Tuesday’s morning exercise was very productive with most of the residents at Birch Heath Lodge participating. We started with gentle arm, leg and breathing exercises. Using a ball each resident threw the ball to the person on their right. The residents enjoyed this and all were successful in throwing and catching the ball, particularly Dot who had excellent eye/hand coordination. We then placed a mat in the centre of the floor and using bean bags each resident had a go to throw it and trying to get it nearest to the mat. Jean and Rhin both managed to land two bean bags onto the mat so a final decider was encountered, Rhin was a successful winner!

During Monday and Thursday morning residents requested for a manicure. The residents enjoyed getting their nails done and especially enjoyed their hands attentively being massaged. During these manicures active discussions took place about their lives and what they would like in the future. We engaged with plenty of humour and laughter.