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Monday – Coffee Morning Group

Our residents get together on a Monday for a drink and a chat. This is nice as gives everyone a chance to catch up after having friends and family visit over the weekend. Lots of laughter especially from one of our ladies has a talking clock, due to her short sightedness, and which had gone awry over the weekend and was telling her it was 3 hours ahead of time. This caused her some confusion and she had everyone laughing telling her stories of events over the weekend. Pat (admin) has downloaded a manual and managed to fix this for her.


Wednesday events were supposed to be sitting in the garden or watching a film. As it was raining and our residents were not feeling up to watching a film our staff played some board games. Favourite of the day was dominoes. Lots of fun.

Andy Martin – Entertainer

Andy Martin came to sing to our residents. Very nice time had by all. His music was in the genre of Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones…. He is also a tribute singer to David Alexander. He spent a lovey hour with our residents and had some up dancing. Lovely time had by all.

Tarporley Village Fete

Any chance for our residents to get out and about is well received and Saturday 27th June is our local Village Fete. Our staff and family members will be taking residents to this and Birch Heath Lodge have donated a hamper for a raffle, on behalf of Birch Heath Lodge, Residents and MMCG.
Birch Heath HamperJUNE 2015 Update