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This week at Birch Heath Lodge

Linda Pelling- Entertainer
An excellent afternoon’s entertainment was organised for the residents in the lounge. Residents and family members enjoyed a fun filled sing-along with the one an only Linda Pelling. Family, residents and staff joined in and wore props and sang various songs. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was fabulous with residents singing and smiling throughout the afternoon. Ice lollies were a welcomed treat and enjoyed by all.

Light Exercise – Morning Activity
We started with a gentle warm up consisting of leg, arm and breathing exercises. Using 2 balls the residents passed them to each other trying not to let the balls meet. Rhin started to throw the ball to Anita which she caught! Next we had the parachute and each resident held onto it and started to make waving motions with it…. A lovely breeze was welcomed. Lisa then went under it and the residents laughed as she appeared to each one. Warm down exercises consisted of using the Pom Poms for light circular arm movements with a gentle marching on the spot.