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Sunday 8th March 2015 – We had a lovely Church Service and “Communion”; take by Simon, The Methodist Minister from Keyworth. Several Residents attended and all were in fine voice for the hymns (thanks to regular hymn practice, with J.P at the Grand Piano)! We followed this as usual, either with a glass of wine or a cup of Tea/Coffee
and several people enjoyed a chat with Simon afterwards. The Sermon was very lively and thought provoking, as usual – a good start to the week.

The Weather has been absolutely glorious this week and on each day we have walked outside in the gardens and spinney, taking advantage of the sunshine.

The Spring Bulbs, particularly in “The Spinney” are providing a carpet of colour amongst the trees – Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Daffodils, and Bluebells waiting to bloom.

We have also enjoyed several walks to the “Pond” to feed the Ducks and Moorhens, and one resident has reported 12 different varieties of “Wild Birds” on her birdfeeder. Spring certainly seems to have arrived?

Our “Residents and Relatives” Meetings were very well attended this week. Thank you to everyone who participated. Good, Positive ideas to build on and enhance what we already have, with several people having input in the discussion and contributing.

We have now formed our “Activities Committee”, and the first meeting of this will be held on Friday 8th May 2015.
At 4.00pm, following on from the “Residents/Relatives Meeting.”

Several of our Residents as well as Relatives are on this Committee, offering a substantial cross section of skills, hobbies and abilities that can be put forward to the good of our whole “Community” here.

Following these “Meetings”, we had a visit from Paul, our Methodist Lay Preacher, who had pastoral talks with several residents, over a cup of Tea; and his conversation and thoughts were much appreciated.

We have just had an hour’s Chair-Aerobics, which as usual was enjoyed by all those who attended, working up a good appetite in time for lunch (wonderful choice including the ever popular “Fish and Chips!!!)”