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This week seems to have flown past. The evenings are getting slightly lighter now; Spring is just around the corner and lots of the spring flowers have already emerged. We have had a varied week at Belvoir Vale. We had our Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Volunteer in on Monday and she is beginning to get involved in activities. She is looking forward to next Monday, when we have aerobics!
We went to Keyworth Day Centre on Tuesday, which our residents always enjoy, followed by aerobics on Wednesday. Many of us have also attended a very interesting workshop in house, which the rest of staff are attending workshop next week, which we found informative and interesting. There is always something new to learn, no matter how many years experience people have of working within the care sector, and new ideas and perspectives are always of benefit to us in our day to day work, for the ultimate well being and empathy for our residents.

Until next week!