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It was lovely to see all of our residents today after a two week break in the sunshine. I started off Monday’s activities with a small gathering in the conservatory to catch up and share both personal news and current affairs from the daily newspaper. After this we did a very gentle Pilates based stretc. Many of the residents seemed particularly tired so we rewarded ourselves with a rest over tea, coffee and biscuits. The rest of the afternoon was spent having one to one time with residents who prefer that to group activities.

Tuesday we were lucky to have some glorious weather, so we made the most of the opportunity to spend some time outside. I took some residents for one to one walks and others enjoyed time in the garden.

Today we also welcomed a new resident to our hom and the latter part of the afternoon was spent with this lady so we could get to know each other. We chatted, played cards and read the newspaper together.

Bye for now

Love Claire