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March seems packed, particularly as Easter is much earlier than last year.
We have St. David’s day which we celebrated by making large daffodils to decorate the home, they are very effective, and St Patrick’s day when we hope to play traditional Irish music and have a taste of the best Irish Import, Guiness!
We have arranged an outing to M& S in our mini bus to see the new spring fashions and have a well deserved cuppa.
For Palm Sunday we will make our usual palm crosses, and we always make more for the church service which this year is the next day.
Musical Moments, with Mel is always welcome, full of fun, singing and laughter it always goes down a storm and leaves us out of breath but happy and singing the rest of the afternoon.
Easter is fast approaching and we have our work cut out for the Easter Challenge. We have put our heads together and have some good ideas, fundraising ideas have also been suggested to involve the whole home and their families. Puzzles and games are left over the Easter weekend together with a chocolate treasure hunt, so the residents can use their little grey cells and also get the fun of the chase, ( and the chocolates) We now have 3 men in the home with the magnificent age of 100, so we are organising a 100 tea party as soon as we can so that everyone can join in.
Let’s hope we can get through it all!