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March started off well with St. David’s day on the 1st. We celebrated with large daffodils which the craft group made and which really brightened the dining rooms. As it turned out, with Easter being so early this year we also used them to go with our Easter decorations.

For something new, we got together with a jewellery cleaning kit and gave our rings, bracelets and necklaces an extra sparkle, they came ups hinting like new, so we definitely do this again.

The weather wasn’t perfect when we went to M&S to look round the sales, but we did get a few bargains and a look at the new spring clothes. The best part was a welcome cuppa in the restaurant after all the browsing. We all agreed it was a lovely outing and we look forward to the better weather when we can get about a bit more.

Mel came in from Musical Moments to get us dancing and singing and moving to music.
Everyone looks forward to her visiting and we all have so much fun.

Hydration week started off well with our coffee morning, and we talked about how important drinking is, so we all had another coffee!

Everyone likes to look their best, so we make sure there is time for manicures and hand care, even with just a file, the nails can look lovely and neat.

We try and fit in flower arranging most weeks and for St Patrick’s Day while we were busy with the flowers we were also tapping our feet to some traditional Irish music. It certainly made the session go with a swing.

With an early Easter we were very busy with our decorations especially for Palm Sunday. We tried a couple of different styles but found one to be the best so we made crosses for everyone in the home for Sunday and gave some out at our Easter Church service on the Monday. We were also very busy with The Easter Challenge. This year we designed an Easter Egg tree, we decorated and painted some eggs and hung them from the branches, cut out leaves and grass. Flowers were made from egg boxes and baby birds in nests were lodged in the branches. It was finished off with a pair of rabbit ears to