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Parksprings Care Home have been working for months creating twiddle pockets, which are knitted pockets that have attachments added to fiddle with. They are used to calm residents with Dementia or Alzhemiers by giving them something to do with their hands. This idea has come from Blackpool University and brought to us by Elizabeth Williamsons. We have been monitoring the use of them with some of our residents and can report they like the look of them, the colour, how soft they are and enjoy holding them. Next week we are going to introduce them to our other residents to see how they respond to them. We will update on the progress. Pictured below is Rose Conlon and the Students from Dalziel High School with the 45 twiddle pockets to be handed out to all the residents who choose to participate.

Thank you to everyone who helped to knit and create these wonderful Tweedle Pockets and a special mention to Elizabeth Gordon who has helped us to achieve our goals.
twiddle 5

twiddle 4

twiddle 3

twiddle 2

twiddle 1